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Enjoying summer break on Vancouver Island, RTR sits down for a radio session with XFUV. Hosted by the extremely witty and talented Shiraz Myl. You can listen to the interview and a new song below.

CFUV Radio
CFUV Radio

RTR Radio Interview CFUV:

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One thought on “Rooftop Runners CFUV Radio Sesson

  1. Love the interview lads

    The chat & laughs

    The more I get the more I like it

    what the fuck is going on with Beni’s voice
    Holy sweetness
    Those highs
    They just slither out of his throat
    like snakes in the high branches of song

    Look out below
    those high snaky notes are gonna paralyze you

    then Tobi is along to save us
    He seems safe but beware, he’s got some doors you want to steer clear of

    the perfect balance of elements

    Let me know when I can slip in through an attic window
    and leave a fog patch with my breath

    a little finger note that reads, Get out oh here quick

    These boys charm deep and deeper till you’re lost
    in the orchard
    whimpering to yourself

    I’m done

    Love & Adventure


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