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We had  a photo shoot with the talented Satu Suomela at the Berlin Tempolhof — an iconic landmark in Berlin. We referenced the Beatles with a twist, shot in the fog and frolicked in the autumn leaves.  We’re exciting to share with you soon some stunning imagery.

Enjoy some behind the scenes shots and a bio from our wonderful photographer.

Satu Suomela is a Finnish photographer and visual artist, currently living and creating in Berlin. Her travel and portrait photographs have been exhibited and appeared in publications from Australia to the US, and she has gained recognition for her powerful, expensive and colorful style, with enthused local NYC media calling her portraits everything from “highly dramatic” to “strikingly intimate renderings of life itself.” While the bulk of her photography work until 2005 has been primarily of travel and photojournalistic nature, she is now producing predominantly fine-art images, as well as commercial and event photography with an abstract, artistic edge.

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